Technical Facilities

The club provides a range of technical facilities.

The club's radio shack, available for use by members, features equipment and antennas for a wide range of bands and modes, along with a selection of test equipment and spare parts. Our equipment is also available for use during club events. Much of this equipment was generously donated by current and former members of the club.




Dundee has its very own D-STAR repeater, owned by the Dundee Amateur Radio Club. GB7DP's coverage means as well as in Dundee it should be easily heard in the Carse of Gowrie and north Fife. You can listen on 439.500 MHz with a -9 MHz input. Club member Tony GM0ROU is the repeater keeper. For more information visit the GB7DP website.

A very big thank you to the GB7DE Team who's technical support and vast knowledge of all things D-STAR helped make this possible.


GB7DE is located at Largo in Fife and is designed to serve Fife, Edinburgh and The Lothians, however it can also be heard in Dundee, spoiling the local D-STAR user for choice! Operating on 2 metres as well as 70 cms, for more information visit the GB7DE website.



Operated by club member, Pete GM1CMF who finances it out of his own pocket, the club decided that it would help by sponsoring this important local amateur radio facility. GB3AG can be heard on 145.725 MHz FM with a - 600Hz input and and an access tone of 94.8. For more information visit the GB3AG web site.